The Home of Horsepower
Celebrating our 45th Year


May 10, 2015


5986 State Hwy #8; New Berlin, NY

GPS coordinates


Schedule of Events:


4 pm       gates reopen
7pm-9pm registration for Sunday
11pm gates close


6am gates open
7:30 Riders Meeting
8:00 Practice
7am-9am registration


  • AMA or ATVA member. If getting a full year membership, you must join at the $49 level. Day pass is also available for $25 at the track. Full year AMA memberships, both new and renews, plus discount family membership pack is available in advance by clicking here.

  • District 3 member or member of another AMA District, NESC, WNYSC, Metropolitan Sports Committee; USMX. You can join District 3 for $30 at or obtain a $10 day pass at the track.

  • Unadilla uses the AMA or ATVA card as the swipe card for the registration system. It is easier for the rider if they have an AMA or ATVA card in hand.

  • All riders regardless of age must attend registration. If under 18, a parent must accompany the racer to registration. In the event a parent is unable to attend, a signed, dated, and notarized permission slip is required.

I hereby give permission for my son/daughter (insert name here) to race in the District 3 event at Unadilla MX; New Berlin, NY on (insert month, date, and year). (Event guardian’s name) will accompany him/her to sign up.


Notarized signature and seal

** Don’t forget to sign, and date the note and have it notarized. A notary can be found at most banks, schools, government offices, and many large businesses. Event guardian must be 18 or older.

Gate and Race Fees:

$10 gate fee

$20 50cc MX and 50cc quad classes

$25 all other classes

District 3 Classes:


51cc Oil Injected 4-8 (non-points class)
51cc Pee Wee Jr. 4-6
51cc Pee Wee Sr. 7-8
59-65cc 7-9  (2-stroke)
59-65cc 10-11 (2-stroke)
Junior Mini 9-11  (59cc-85cc  2-stroke)
79-85cc 12-15   (2-stroke)
Open Mini 10-16  (79cc-112cc 2-stroke & 75cc-150cc 4-stroke)
Schoolboy 12-16  (86cc-250cc)
Collegeboy 14-24  (2nd class only)
Plus 25 Amateur B/C
Plus 25 Expert A
Plus 30 Novice C
Plus 30 Amateur B
Plus 30 Expert A
Plus 40 Amateur B/C
Plus 40 Expert A
Plus 45 Amateur B/C
Plus 45 Expert A
Plus 50
Women (85cc-250cc)
122-125cc 2-stroke
122-250cc Beginner (non-points class)
122-250cc Novice C
122-250cc Amateur B
122-250cc Expert A
122-Open Beginner (non-points class)
122-Open Novice C
122-Open Amateur B
122-Open Expert A


Mini Quad 50cc Production 4-8
Mini Quad 51cc-90cc Production 8-15  (2- stroke & 125cc 4-stroke)
Quad Schoolboy Modified 12-16  (71-cc240cc 2-stroke & 91-300cc 4-stroke-no 250R motors)
Plus 30 Quad
Quad Novice C (16+)
Quad Amateur B (16+)
Quad Expert A (16+)


All District 3 events run by CNYMRA, AMA, and ATVA rules. All rules are available in advance on line at; (MX and ATV)


  • NO fireworks

  • NO Personal checks

  • NO vending without prior approval

  • NO scaffolding

  • NO alcohol trackside

  • NO glass containers

  • NO bicycles around the track

  • NO unleashed pets-must be cleaned up after

  • NO remote controlled aircraft (ie:drones)

  • At District 3 events, pit vehicles must remain in designated areas and are not allowed through the tunnel or trackside.

  • Pets must remain at your campsite. They are not allowed trackside.

  • Quiet hours 11pm-6am

  • Modern bathrooms and showers will be available.

  • Food concession open on Saturday 7am-6pm and Sunday from 7am-late afternoon.

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Track Map: